I'll be your slaughterhouse, your killing floor

Omg, I just found out that the hottest guy at my job and I are both applying for the News Editor’s position for summer. Now we’re both joking around about how we’re going to take each other down. 

This sounds like a romcom waiting to happen: Coming to a theater near you, it’s a love story about how the cool mysterious guy and the awkward introvert fall for each other while competing for the same position in their university newspaper while also trying to make it out of finals week alive. 

The only difference is that the main leads would be people of color. 

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"All peoples are driven
to the point of eating their gods
after a time: it’s the old greed
for a plateful of outer space, that craving for darkness,
the lust to feel what it does to you
when your teeth meet in divinity, in the flesh,
when you swallow it down
and you can see with its own cold eyes,
look out through murder."
— Margaret Atwood “Eating Snake” Interlunar (via theloupgaroux)


The Oracle, 1949
John Gutmann


The Oracle, 1949

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